Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Elevator Music Today

What happened to elevator music [StoreStreams]

Elevator music refers to a form of music that is traditionally instrumental music that is not intended to be a the primary focus of the potential listener circumstance. It is also referred to as background music sometimes and has developed into a musical genre of its own. As the name suggest Elevator Music was traditionally heard in an elevators, waiting room, doctors office or lobbies in North America. Elevator music was and still is designed to ease stress , tension and or anxiety utilizing music with preset specific volume levels to affect behavioral and emotional responses in humans that directly affect  mood, anxiety, concentration, relaxation, distraction, and excitement.
Today listeners who experience elevator music are uniquely subject to various forms of instrumental elevator music with no control over its volume and content. The range of listener responses created once exposed to an elevator music station are of great variety, and even opposite, depending on numerous factors such as, setting, culture, audience, and even time of day.

Today's Elevator Music [Instrumental Elevator Music]

Today's elevator music libraries  go beyond that distinct retro classic elevator music sound that everyone thinks of when they hear the term elevator music. The quirky 1960s elevator music instrumentals are a thing of the past and now most elevator music stations provide a  wide variety of instrumental musical with multiple genres that include:
1.    smooth jazz or  elevator music jazz
2.    instrumental pop hits or pop elevator music
3.    happy elevator music or feel good elevator music
4.    ambient relaxing electronic music
5.    Instrumental piano music or piano elevator music

Where Elevator Music Is Used Today

Elevator music is commonly played where there is no designated specific audience at all such as at a concert or music venue. Elevator music is usually encountered by listeners in commercial public spaces such as in an empty hallway, restrooms, fitting rooms, waiting rooms "sometimes called waiting music" and of course in commercial buildings and it's elevators. It is also used in  the telephony space, such as music played while on hold during a telephone call. Elevator music is typically played at low volumes from multiple small ceiling speakers that is distributing the stock elevator music across the commercial public space or business building.
The widespread use of elevator music in offices, restaurants, and stores began with the founding of Muzak in the 1930s and was characterized by the repetition of simple instrumental musical arrangements. Today the use of background music has grown worldwide and incorporates proven psychological research relating to consumer behavior in retail environments, employee productivity, and workplace satisfaction.
Due to the growing variety of different business settings ranging from retailers, restaurants, hotels, doctors offices and or airports, many styles of music are now utilized as background music to set the tone at a business. Today various genres of music can be played to create a desired social experience a business owner wants to project on its customers visiting their business. Music is now used to reinforce the business atmosphere, image and brand association with the music being played. Music sets the mood of the room and tempo at a business. This helps connect the business with its customers through atmosphere association putting the customer at ease or creating that specific environment that is unique to each business.

StoreStreams streaming music for business [background music for businesses]

The StoreStreams streaming music for business service offers a complete solution for restaurant music, grocery store music, hotel music and retailers of all sizes that are in need of a background music service at their business. StoreStreams streaming music  for business solutions are tailored to create that perfect ambiance and listening experience for your patrons. StoreStreams offers programmed as well as custom radio channels for any business owner who needs to play music in a commercial public space. StoreStreams is available for all  U.S and Canadian businesses and is a fully licensed streaming music for business service provider that is 100% legal.

Stream Hit Music With StoreStreams

StoreStreams plays the hit music of today and yesterday by the artists you know and love. StoreStreams is completely scalable and customizable for any size retail location no matter if you have one or one thousand retail locations. StoreStreams Streaming Music Service plans start at $20.00 a month.

StoreStreams Offers

- A Robust Music Catalog
- New Hit Music Added Weekly
- Scheduling and Day Parting
- Customized Music Channels
- Personalized Commercials and Messaging
- Integrated Playback Solution "Web or Hardware"
- 100% Worry Free With All Royalties and Licensing Fess Included
- Easy Streaming Hardware Solutions: Including PC, Tablet, Smart Phone and Internet Radio
- A Background Music Service That Is Scalable To Any Size Business Or Retail Operation
- Simple Pricing - Background Music Service plans starting at $20.00 a month

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