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Finding The The Best Streaming Music Service For Business

Best Streaming Music Service For Business

Best Streaming Music Service For Business

Choosing the best streaming music service for business is critical to the atmosphere you want to project at your place of business. Background music is usually very helpful to different types of businesses. This simply means that regardless of whether you own a bar, run a hotel, restaurant or are a retailer you probably play background music at your place of business. One of the top providers of the best streaming music service for business is StoreStreams. This company provides comprehensive solutions to different types of businesses that might need background music services. Some of the qualities that make StoreStreams standout include that the company offers both programmed and custom radio channels for retailers which are totally licensed and legal in the United States and in Canada. 

StoreStreams Offers The Best Streaming Music Service For U.S. and Canadian Businesses

A programmed channels mean that as a business owner you will get to choose from the already prepared channels. On the other hand, the custom ones give you the freedom to decide exactly what you want. The radio channels provided in the custom option are meant to suit your business perfectly. You will just need to provide details about the qualities and features you need to be incorporated.

Streaming Music You Know & Love

Another major aspect that makes StoreStreams standout is that the company plays hit music both from the current and older artists. This means that people of different ages can easily enjoy the music being streamed to your business location. All what you need is to be sure of is streaming the right music to your your target customers. If you are targeting the young customer you should choose the modern hit music. But if you are targeting the relatively older customers you should go for the older hits.

The background music for business service that is provided by StoreStreams can be scaled to make sure that it suits the needs of your business. This means that even if you have thousands of retail stores locations you can still enjoy the services provided by StoreStreams. Because of this you are assured of getting top quality services in a convenient manner regardless of the size of your business.

Streaming Music Equipment For Your Business

StoreStreams also provides equipment and software solutions. These solutions range from just the subscription plan for music to a complete speakers, AMP and music system that will suit your business. This gives you more options to choose from and as a result you are able to ensure your business gets superior services.

StoreStreams is the Ideal Solution to stream music for business!

Affordable Streaming Music Service For Business

When it comes to pricing StoreStreams offers a simple price policy where the plans start at just $20 per month. This is very reasonable and affordable especially compared to other providers of similar services who charge much higher prices. 

Some of the other similar companies include:
  • SiriusXM Music for Business which charges $24.95 per month 
  • Pandora For Business which charges $24.95 per month 
  • Mood Media which charges 26.95 per month.

    This clearly shows that the $20 per month charged by Storestreams is the best price in the market.
StoreStreams streaming music service for business offers:

There are various outstanding features that StoreStreams offers and they include;
• Music channels that are customized
• Additional of the latest hit music on a weekly basis
• A music catalog with a lot of options to choose from
• Freedom to customize messages and commercials
• Inclusion of licensing and loyalties fees on the prices
• Ability to scale the background music service to fit almost any business
• Simple streaming hardware solutions to include internet radio, tablets, PC and smart phones

From all the outlined features and qualities it is evident that StoreStreams provides the best streaming music service for businesses. Just by using the services provided by StoreStreams you can significantly improve the performance of your business regardless of the size.

StoreStreams provides streaming music for business service for hotels, resorts, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, auto dealerships and commercial retailers.

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